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in baltimore city. >> and before you buy new ravens geeshgs you have to hear this story, how to tell l if your merchandise is real. >> the bristol road cur yor is reporting that the yurt -- university of virginia college is on lock down while campus and police officers are looking for an alleged gunmen. they saythat the officers are scattered throughout the campus. messageswere sent out telling students to stay put and lock all doors and until further notice. >> our other top story is is our weather. this cold wintery blast has us locked in a deep freeze. here's hoping that you're watching us is sweats and a hoodie and under about 7 inches of blankets. temperatures won't go above freezing for another day. wyatteverhart joins us now. withwhat we're in for tonight and in the morning. >> it's very cold and now it's going to have more of that winter look because there are snow showers. we'll probablyhave a dusting in the molecular orbitaling hours. take a -- morning hours. take a look at the radar, not a lot of activity to be honest. not locality of this, just real light. on thewhole we don't w
, but it is a real possibility for pentagon employees. >> the ravens road to new orleans. coming up, we will hear >> perhaps one of the least heralded but most important parts of the reagan organization is one of its most tenured. -- the ravens organization is one of its most tenured. >> ozzie newsome. 11 news pete has the story. hi, pete. >> ozzie newsome is an unassuming. he likes to take long walks or on days like this, he will take the treadmill. if there is a better manager and in the nfl, i have not seen him. ozzie newsome would go into the nfl hall of fame as a manager if he were not already there as a player. if there is one thing we can point to form why the reagan sir but the regular season, it is -- the raven survive the regular season, it is ozzie. >> we knew don could play. it was just a matter of him getting on the field. >> while paul kruger took time to reach his potential, the potential was there. >> when i am around come paul does a lot of the extra stuff on in some. >> he gives banks he had some many talents to, on as replacements -- he gives thanks he had so many talents to tu
... determiie if... and... whhn &pand... cmppaints... are investigated. 3 for... two... ravens players.../ super... bowl... 47... much more... than... a game../. it's... a... homecoming...//. ed... reed... ann... jacoby jones... are... booh... from jones.../ a... native... of... new orleans...//morgan adsit... has more, morgan. ee reed still can't believe whhle most players dreamed of playiig in the n-f-l....he dreamed of playiig inna super bowl in his hometown... new &porleens. after the ravens beat the patriots sunday in tte a-f-c championship...jones kept hasscomm a long way in one season with the ravees...the most dangerous return man in thh ravens are headinn to new orleans...not bbd for a guy case of the rops..if joness makes the endzone... he has a special dannc for his home city.jones however... haa run into one bad tting about playing in a super bowl in his hometown... the nee family members he's picked up through phone calls and text messages. what ozzie newsome has to say about.... &j cameron go.that's n about 50 on sportt unlimited. 3&you can count
? [laughter] >> it is going to be a mega game. >> ravens star ray lewis getting spoofed on saturday night live. good morning, washington. news raininning our now. >> live and in hd,his is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. . am scott >> the weather caused a number delays this morning. all of those scrolling on the top of your screen. storm watch coverage with adam , giving us a sense of the worst conditions both that and. >> it is really just this morning for the next couple of hours. light glazing and freezing sleet across area roadways. side streetse which are not as treated. then, light rain later this morning. here is a live look at the live super doppler radar. the white and blue areas, up 270, that isd snow. a light coating of snow and on top ofain falling it. go south of the beltway, rain and reports of sleet falling along with a little bit of snow mixed in. some rain reported in culpeper, .uantico, this is all a matter of a few degrees. we are hovering right around point.ezing some temperatures you see on your screen will be dropping a two.ver the next hour or yo
the ballroom to watch the ravens make it to the super bowl. >> yeah, i got a peak at the game. >> reporter: good people, good food. tell them about the maryland crab cakes. >> they were excellent. very good. >> reporter: twin sisters monica and veronica say it's mr. obama's second term that will be more historic than the first. >> it has been a little difficult, but we still have faith in him. >> reporter: i'm still salivating, because we saw the crab cakes come and go and never got to taste them. maybe we can get a doggy bag on the way out. but a party is still rocking and a ravens' win. hard to put yourself to bed, right? but many of us, thousands, have an early start tomorrow. i will see you at the inaugural ball at the convention center tomorrow at news4 at 6:00 and 11:00. we're live tonight from the national harbor, erica gonzalez, news4. >> my wife will make a crab cake for you sometime, erica. >> reporter: thanks, jim. >>> in just a few hours, dozens of streets downtown will be closed ahead of the inauguration. crews got an early start putting up gates and posting parking restrictio
go to www.wbaltv.com and look on news. coming up, a pair of die hard ravens fans get an early wedding present. >> no way. >> what they found inside that envelope around the story that sparked it all. and the nation's smallest state takes on one of its biggest issues. i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon. >> nine days until super bowl xlvii and that means wedding plans in high gear for one maryland couple. you may remember days tkwreu and jim. they had their first bait in 2001 at a ravens and giants party. th
. >>> just over a week from super bowl xlvii and ravens fans full of purple pride. >> reporter: ravens fans are gearing up and ready to cheer the team to a super bowl win. >> go ravens! >> reporter: fans lined up for a chance to see one of their favorite players off to new orleans. >> i'm a huge jacoby jones fan. we were going to meet him a couple weeks ago but we couldn't make it so i really want to meet him today. >> reporter: jones took time to give back to fans, signing autographs and taking pictures downtown. >> we had all those fans after the game, you would have thought we played a home game. >> reporter: baltimore is full of purple pride and some are taking the pride down south. >> fortunate enough to get tickets from friends, won the lottery. so we're off. real excited about it. we've nr been to a super bowl before. >> and of course you can watch super bowl xlvii right here, wusa 9 sunday, february 3rd, 6:30, and the day before the game on crew gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. this guy is a big part of it. >> i am a big part of it. i'll tell you who's
the caps will break out and the ravens have their game faces on. what is the future of one of their biggest stars? there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee at have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. >> democratic and republican leaders today introduces a plan to limit philly busts. the tactic is used by parties to avoid plans they don't like. if it is aproved, the deal as designed would reduce the number of times senators can delay bills. >> in maryland official have a new plan to help the poor and disadvantaged. it will be set up in annapolis baltimore, st. mary's county. the four-year $16 million pilot program will include in care clinics and additional doctor and social worker staffing. at this time of the yearing, we need that with so many people sick. >> right in the middle of flu season. we have another snowfall coming up tomorrow.
at tnn. as... the ravens....get focusee ...on the 49ers../.one... play... against the patriots... is... still on thh minds... of some players. players.sports director bruce cunningham joins us with why some players hhve a beef with new englanddquarterbacc too brady... bruce? it';s no secret that the nfl considers new england partiotts quarterback tom brady ne f it's golden boys...it's brady mayyhave created a bit - of pr roblemfor the eague the nfl sayssit's going to rrview this play from suuday night's afc championship, in phichhtom brady appeared o kick the ravens ed reed while sliding...brady hasn't aad if it was intenional orr not...reed kind of bbushed it off...bbttsafety bernard pollard, wwo has a long and checkeredcareer withhbrady and the pats,, isn't buying it amonggthe biggest callengee phe ravens wwll face issealing with frieeds and family who want ickets, hotels roomsand game tickets...hear how john harbaugh plans to deea with that at 10:50 and11:30 n we're following... ray's last ride... all the way... to thee superddme in new orleans..../
the ravens here in baltimore before they head to new orleans. details on the big send off and how you can be a part of it. >> reporter: state highway officials prepare for possible snow by treating the roadways to keep you safe. i am sherrie johnson, that story is coming up. >> and the snow is on the way and also temperatures are going to be heading into the 30s over the next three days. we are talking close to 60 coming up. >> reporter: traffic is pretty slow here on 695 at baltimore national pike and we are dealing with accidents on 795 and frederick road. i will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland. >>> friday morning and we are working for you i am megan prink especially. >> i am charley crowson a few closings and delays ahead of the storm as we go in for round two. dorchester county two hours late. they are on a delay and st. mary's county are closed today. >> cecil county will let school out early. the public schools and high school and middle school will get out at one and the elementary school is getting out at 2. >> all this ahead of the weather. let's go over
. okay. so a redskins ravens connection. what's going on? >> game film of a december 9 matchup when they were in the nation's capital. rg3 and all that stuff. this sports cast has ravens and redskins intertwined throughout baltimore, looking back in order to move forward. how that matchup is helping them in their game of the super bowl. and maryland, duke, what more do you need to say? how about anger management? i'll explain next. >>> now, here's dave owen, the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> not all quarterbacks are created equal. colin kapernick and rg3. a few pounds heavier. rg3, faster. both are on their right arm. the ravens post their experience against griffin, give them a leg up on kapernick. let's start right there. being able to scoop. well, griffin passed and ran for almost 300 yards against ravens before injurying his knee back on december 9. so can the ravens take these things from the experience here in d.c.? >> a little bit. i mean, they are both two quarterbacks in the league that can run that offense. so, i don't know. i got to see how we fair come february 3. >>
in the final 15 minutes and the ravens finish up work here. about to head south soon. super bowl preview coming your way next. >>> now, here's dave owens at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> give georgetown basketball credit, as ugly as their style might be. watching a hoey hoya game is a lot of grappling, difficult, you have to be a fan to appreciate it, don't you, bruce? you really do. he is sitting it out in the suit. that's a big loss. hoyas in all white. michael hopkins, that's white noise. this is what you deal with. smith gets dressed down in public. never a good thing. third in nation in steals, they had 10. look at aaron boeing flying in like bat man. the only points of the game. he scored 49 points in three years. game winner today, 53-51 georgetown gets the win. >> the play before, the dead ball before is his basket. he goes out and does it, so that was pretty good. >> i say what's pretty good. the guy never plays. maryland, duke, you saw it right here. this is called stretching it. 6 of 8 from deep. this is all part of a 14-6 run broken early in the first half. the only two guy
their dream. will it be jim harbaugh or john and the ravens. last night was a wild ride for the harbaugh family. early in the day the younger brother had led the 49ers to a win in atlanta. because of travel he didn't have the means to watch his older brother john's ravens upset the patriots in new england. during the game he phoned a friend, his father. now jack harbaugh tells the rest of the story. >> about the middle ever the 3rd quarter, jim calls from the airport. he didn't talk about his game or what did you think of that. tell me what's going on with john. tell me what's going on with john. i said, i'm watching it right now. there's a fumble. the ravens have recovered. what happened now? it's a touchdown pass. we're up by two scores. jim is going wow, do you realize what this is setting up? i said, i think i do. >> it's setting up the har because bowl -- harbaugh bowl. tiger woods had himself a day. look at this action. he nearly spins it back for an eagle. his final hole of the day, trying to reach it in two. even through the raindrops, no problem for tiger. he would miss the eagl
the ravens well? let them know you are cheering them on. we have details of a send off party. >> the road are ready. before you head out the door, what's being done in hopes to make your ride smoother today. and that's a big story, the weather. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. weather and traffic in a moment because the heavy stuff is coming in the afternoon. we are hearing schools are planning ahead. >> cecil county is missing dism schools early. high school and middle school are ending at one and elementary school at 2. and that's because of the roads. >> yeah. seems like it's a smart decision because it's really going to impact the road. we are looking at a little bit of snow. we saw yesterday the effects of that. >> exactly. >> reporter: this leads to a lot of accidents. >> safety first and because of that, we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 2 today. lingers into nine this evening. be prepared for another messy commute home. right now, temperatures are the story. we are frigid once again 1 degrees in glen burnie and the only si
to the metal. >>> coming up in sports before landing, the ravens got a super send-off in baltimore. >>> plus tiger woods is off to a great start in the 2013 season. >>> return now to one of the day's top stories, congress and the white house appear ready to work on a new compromise for immigration reform. on the local level, activists say momentum is on their side. chris gordon has the story. >> reporter: veronica is an undocumented immigrant. her 10-year-old sister was born in the u.s. and is a citizen. they live in maryland. >> something that i have always been afraid of since i got to this country, knowing that someday we might get separated, me and my sister behind. i was already separated from my parents, because they wanted to give us a better future. you know, it's time that you can never make up. >> by massing the maryland dream act -- who graduate high school and pay taxes. gustavo andres worked two years as an organizer for casa de maryland. >> it's a daily threat. it's something that i have personally lived with. >> reporter: and now this coalition of civil rights and faith groups
plans to do with the $400 million surplus. [ indiscernible ] >> plus, the baltimore ravens sent off in style as they get ready for the first super bowl in more than a decade. >> and later, a fan gets tackled by an nba star after making that amazing half-court shot. we'll be right back.  we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> when it comes to money, turns out d.c. is in great shape. in fact, the mayor is expected to announce tomorrow that the district has a surplus of more than 400 million dollars. the question now is what do you do with all that money? fox 5s matt ackland is here with a look at the debate and what to do with the massive surplus. matt? >> reporter: it's a great state to be in as many states are struggling. d.c. has got a big pot of cash. it was not expecting to have. the debate now is, if it's better to spend it or bank it for a rainy day. mayor gray's expected to announce tuesday where all t
is building for super bowl 47 between the baltimore ravens and the >> we are going to check on the forecast with mr. adam caskey. it took me 15 minutes to warm up my car. i hold you responsible. >> it is cold. widespread teens. this afternoon and another in the mid to upper 20's. we are expecting snow this afternoon and evening. 29 in the district. 14 in cumberland. high's anywhere from 25-30. mostly cloudy and the snow time frame will be from about 2-9:00 p.m. that is why we have a winter weather advisory taking effect later today, not because we have a lot of snow but because it will be affecting the rush hour drive home. another coat of snow iran and its later on today. over all this weekend -- another coat of snow later on today. looking ahead, i think next week we will have high temperatures well into the 50's by tuesday and wednesday. we could be briefly talking about 60 degrees on wednesday but that will be accompanied by a few areas of rain. that is a look of the forecast. how about the commute? >> a quiet start and the district. off to a nice easy ride. 355 as we make our travels a
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-67, their 20th straight win over the tigers. >>> all the ravens and 49ers prepare to battle it out in super bowl 47. the rest of the n.f.l. players are mending their bodies. deanglo hall is resting after having surgery on his pinky finger and they're looking forward to next year. for hall there will be a lot of negotiating during the offseason. he has two years left on his current deal but is set to make $7.5 million next year. that's a lot for the redskins. he said he's willing to restructure his contract if it means staying with washington. so we'll see how that plays out throughout the offseason. >>> that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great day. >>> duke just became number one this week, but that's not going to last. former george mason coach jim larranaga and his hurricanes blew out the blue devils last night in miami. it was over when miami went on a 25-1 run in the first half. they won by 27 points. it's the first time miami has ever upset a number one team. you could hear them hooping and hollering in maryland. >> and uconn. go buy am my. 5:25. >>> st
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for the ravens. details co >> in this morning's "medical alert" as if this season's flu season wasn't bad enough. widespread in 47 of the 50 states the c.d.c. says there's another virus spreading fast. it's a stomach bug, minoro virus causing severe nausea, diarya and what has officials so alarmed is the strength of this virus and how quickly it is spreading. it's from australia and highly infectious and particularly vicious. >> it can stay alive for long periods of time and can be transmitted easily to anybody. so it's a small environment for lots of people. >> they are calling it the ferrari virus because it moves so fast. the best way to get rid of it is disinfecting surfaces with bleach and keeping your hands clean. meanwhile, the flu continues to hit people coast-to-coast but there are signs flu season is leveling off and continues to decline hear in the east. our news reporter ericka east tells us there are some home remedies that might make you feel better. >> many swear by anti-viral medicines, like tamiflu. but you have to get them within 48 hours of getting sick. that's when home remed
was tomorrow. >> yes. it would be better that way. >>> over a day at the ravens with a little view for you from ray lewis. >> i don't know. that's all the time. >>> all right, now they are putting the big key together. coming up for you. and hear what they felt was the big struggle at the verizo [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we've perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and melted cheese. all piled-high on freshly baked bread. taste one at your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. [ l whs w t fdg oumyergut: su cple. uh.dyosuorbos? di! veotalum d tan ohimneysm. di! e rdanoxan. arheth [ ng] myme 3 ner ip bt. w oumule [ ng] i veroinndevor toroctprer, d ome sc hlt [ ngdi! ng] at ainr! su cple! [ ma aouer thfo-ionnuitn eurcole. silehoe hp u t gh [ jonuitn enreomet trioinhae. >>> team of destiny. is there really such a thing? i guess if you listen to the ravens you might think so. he's replaced the speeches as they are quick to mention that something special has been happening in and around owings mills
. >>> the ravens get a super send-off before they sgloosh and a drag race closes a runway at a popular airport. the lamborghini showdown still ahead. >>> kids who are home-schooled in virginia, they may soon get a chance to play sports at public high schools. today the so-called tebow bill took another attempt at passing, named after the nfl star who was alloyed to play football. virginia lawmakers first introduced this bill in 2005, but it has failed every year since. opponents say the bill gives home-schooled children trying to make a team an unfair advantage, because they don't have the same academic criteria as public school athletes. ♪ we got two tickets to paradise ♪ >> no, he didn't. >> that's safety ed reed, helping to get the crowd excited, with the rally at the inner harbor. >>> two blowers and two teams very similar to each other. they touched down in the big easy just an hour ago. their last trip game to the big name in 2001, the fifth season of ray lewis's seventh season. dan hellie is getting ready for the game and the madness of the week. >> reporter: jason, when you're in n
-bound baltimore ravens. >> there they are, out of uniform, rachs fans flocked by the thousands today to send their team off in style. fans arrived as early as 7:00 a.m. for their chance to cheer the -- in the off-key cheer. the ravens hopped the flight down to new orleans. they're expected to land within the next hour. the ravens face the 49ers. dan helly has landed in new orleans, and he'll have full coverage at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >>> paying with plastic is getting more expensive. we'll tell but a big change that could mean a new fee from credit card companies. >>> and veronica is back to tell us about a there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. >>> i'm keith russell. just minutes ago we found out about new developments about an inmate who was ordered freed. justin wolfe was on dust rout for the 2001 murder for hire of his drug supplier. he was orde
, an american phenom finally meets her match. >>> plus the ravens get ready for super bowl xlvi. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we've perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and melted cheese. all piled-high on freshly baked bread. taste one at your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. >>> a new report claims that d.c. police handled several z scores -- this is a story you saw first on news4. >> the report is under fair, the police chief says it's misleading and off the mark. she's already called for outside oversight of cases being questioned. meanwhile, a former nursing director said she witnessed mistreatment of victims, but acknowledges that police have made big changes for the better. >> they come in at a vulnerable time and felt that they came in seeking help it wasn't available to them from the law enforcement, people they expected to trust. >> reporter: until last june she worked as director of s.a.n.e., they speak with and perform rape kit tests on sexual assault victims out of the
a movie. a junior high rudy, so to speak. >> how great is that? still ahead tonight, baltimore ravens head coach, john harbaugh tries to trick his mom into revealing her true royalty. >>> also, a reporter learning a valuable lesson, never turn your back on one of these. >> but up next, prosecutors released surveillance video of a man sentenced today for assaulting a security guard at a local daycare. >>> a man who pled guilty to terrorizing a landover, maryland, day care center was sentenced this afternoon to twenty years behind bars. >> the attack left a young security guard blind in one eye and some children traumatized. scott broom is in upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: the excuse for the attack is that he was high on pcp. it's an attack that cost a young security guard the site in his right eye and terrorized more than 80 children ages 4 and younger. >> please, we have 80 children. >> it's a 911 call and security camera video made michael young go crazy. inside the family affair daycare in landover last april. young became enraged when he was denied the use of the phone
're blaming me. >>> coming up next the baltimore ravens shock tom brady and the new england patriots. unbelievable. >> sorry, barnicle. >>> also it's setting up a match -- it's going to be a great game mika. it's going to set up a match with the 49ers. we'll be right back. i was overweight my whole life. i obsessed about my weight my whole life. i figured i was just born that way. i was always on some new, life-stopping diet. and then, weight watchers. it lets me be me. and i naturally became a healthier me. i amazed myself. get used to it. because when a weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. >>> welcome back to "morning joe." andrea mitchell a couple of great games yesterday. >> just think of those parents sitting in wisconsin and watching these games back to back. >> unbelievable. let's go to bill karins. he's got sports. >> two big games yesterday. the nfc championship game and the afc championship game. let's start with th
for the ravens before the team heads to new orleans. today's pep rally features a current super bowl team as well as the former players from the team's 2000 super bowl winning squad. the ravens looked to capture their second title while the 49ers are hoping to win their sixth super bowl championship. >> another sport we can talk about is the sport of yoga. poses are a series of movements to increase strength and flexibility. there are reasons having a flexible body is essential to our health and well-being. ken weeks from balance yoga is here with your student namdeny. got it. let's get her in the first pose here and talk about why flexibility is important and why people should do yoga to stay flexible. >> we think of flexibility as inversery related to age. come on up into cobra pose. beautiful. >> what's this working? >> her spine. it becomes inflexible and the hips as you age. you use yoga to turn the aging process from being anything else. >> how long does it typically take for a person po become more flexible through yoga? >> i would say almost instant. after the class you think, oh, my gosh
. >>> today the ravens will head down to new orleans. the purple and black will receive a hero's departure from the fans before they go. the ravens will host a pep rally before traveling to the big easy. former players from the team's 2000 super bowl victory will be in attendance. the ravens are looking four their second super bowl championship. >>> coming up on 6:21. we go back to our top story. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has our weather headlines. >> the situation is changing minute by minute. stay tuned to nbc4. we'll keep you fully informed. i'll be here with frequent updates through noontime as we'll get a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain over the next hour or two. storm team 4 radar, the areas in pink is where we're getting -- snow changing over to sleet. as we take a close-up look at the radar, in loudoun county, montgomery county, howard county, frederick county in maryland getting some of that rain falling and it's freezing on tree limbs and power lines creating a coating of ice and icicles. here in the district of columbia, some of that freezing rain in no
. >> the media frenzy for the super bowl steps up when the ravens head to new orleans tomorrow. they beat the patriots. the 49ers took down the falcons and this will be the first time two brothers will coach against each other in the super bowl. >>> sporting match in egypt out of control. dozens killed last year in a brawl. as death sentences are handed down, more rioting in the streets. >> plus, former vice presidential candidate paul ryan and fellow republicans gearing up for another year of budget battles. but is the guilty plea getting ready to put on a new face? why one member of the party told them to stop being a party of stupid, when we come back. wx >>> some of the stories making headlines this morning, the death toll from rioting in egypt has risen to 31. the violence broke out saturday after a court handed down death sentences to almost two dozen local fans involved in a deadly brawl in a soccer game last year. at least 74 people were killed in that incident. many streets and stores are closed for fear of more rioting. the verdict for the 52 remain
brady serious cast. more on the ravens as they prepare for the ultimate prize. fox 5 morning news continues in a moment.  >>> the win less caps, i hate it, hope three is the charm at the verizon center tonight. >> some red skin players are caught in a catfish ischemia. dave ross is back. >> good morning. allison, doesn't sound right . win less caps. we're hoping tonight we get off the shride. only a 48 game season. you don't want to start pressing but it is important to get that win. they did lose last night but it was close. 92-88 out there. much better basketball winning five of their last 8. that's been since john wall has been back. get the caps to ride the ship stoon. we've been talking about manti te'o finding out his girlfriend was not real. having an online relationship. the redskins almost got caught up in this themselves. four of the players talking to a woman on twitter under the handle of red riding hood and come to find out she was not real. put up a picture of an adult entertainer on her twitter handle and began engaging these redskins
between the harbaugh brothers, but between the fans as well. after the break, ravens and 49ers fans take to youtube to sing and rap their support. the videos are ahead. >> up next, two of my favorite things, bagpipes and whiskey. >> reporter: it's some of my favorite, too. also, if you enjoy a good competitive game, we are here to show you how to be a true scott in some of our competition we have going on this weekend. these are the scottish games. they're like statues now. this is what you do to compete -- well, that wane that great. anyway, i'll explain more when we come back, we're live at the hylton performing arts center for the scottish festival that is happening this weekend. we'll have more after the break. >> thank you, sarah. have you seen this? take a look again. it's dramatic video out of texas, where a stunt pilot comes within just a few feet of his camera crew. the pilot previously had a waiver to do the aerobatics, but that expired a few months ago. the faa is investigating this. they say people on the ground should never be in danger. this is crazy. we'll be right back. i
but that pass would set up. 49ers are still favored in new orleans against the ravens but john harbaugh doesn't seem concerned with the peripheral stuff and he continues to prepare his club for super bowl xlvii. baltimore's defense will be the key. they have to contain colin kaepernick and they have to put a lock and key on vernon davis. ed reed will spend time with this guy and he knows it is a physical mismatch. davis is four inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. >> you have to watch the guy at all times. he may not have been a threat as much with kaepernick but he is always a threat. they give him the ball. usually when you see him catching it, it is a touchdown. >> that hair is getting gray, ed. maryland leaves for durham where they play the blue devils this weekend at cameron indoor. duke is coming off one of the biggest losses ever in miami. mike krzyzewski has challenged them reminding them the canes bead the blue out of them but the terps are ready, too. >> we are coming off our last road game where we were not very good the first half so i ma'am our guys -- i im
. >>> we're officially less than a week away from super bowl xlvii. the ravens will head to new orleans to prep for the big game. they will host a pep rally for fans before heading to the big easy. the ravens are looking for their second super bowl championship. >>> as for the san francisco 49ers, they're already in new orleans. the nfc champs arrived there yesterday. this is the team's first trip to the super bowl in almost two decades. they're looking for their sixth title, which would tie them with pittsburgh, the steelers, for the most all-time championships. >>> this morning, hollywood loves the movie argo. picked up another big win at the screen actors guild award. >> the actor goes to the cast of argo. >> it took home top honors for outstanding cast. the ben affleck starred and directed in the iran hostage crisis thriller. >> we had more than 150 actors, they spoke in english and farsi. the one thing in common is they came to work every single day whether they had a line or a look to somebody or two lines or ten lines or if i couldn't understand in farsi. they wanted to kill to m
-time traffic. >>> super bowl xlvii is now less than 11 days away and the ravens will be holding a practice this afternoon. the media frenzy will step up a notch when the team heads to new orleans on monday. the ravens beat the patriots 28- 13 last sunday to advance to their first super bowl in 12 years. they will face the san francisco 49ers. this will be the first time two brothers will coach against each other in the super bowl. so that should be interesting. wounder who mom and dad will be rooting for. i don't this is a good question. >> we have to figure that out. -- wonder who mom and dad will be rooting for. >> that's a good question. >> we have to figure that out. >> we do have a full list of closings and delays on the bottom of your screen throughout the morning and also on myfoxdc.com. time now is 4:51. we'll be right back.  >>> welcome back. while it may not be the fountain of youth, it could help you live longer. what is the secret? stay away from smoking. >> ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: a new study has found that people who smoke cut their life span short b
for taking ravens star ed reed during sunday's championship game. the ravens won the game and they will dance at the super bowl. they will play the forty-niners. brady has apologized to reed via text message. >> that is a jump changed for him. the overnight snow caused the slick spots on the road. -- that is chump change for him. >> let's check with jamee whitten on the roads. >> there will be a little less traffic to begin with because people are taking a slower start. still snow on connecticut avenue at veirs mill road. in olney and silver spring and damascus be very careful. here we are at georgia avenue and 108. snow still coming down on river road and seven locks. >> i want to linger on that picture for a minute. it looks awesome. >> it is pretty. we might as well have a blanket of snow. >> why this is tough for some of the driving is even though it's just a little, coming down wilson boulevard, people slid a little, so why is it tough? >> it is dry and dusty so it is sticking. the last go-around it was slushy. so that is something to keep in mind this morning. the less traveled streets
the ravens game on, as you might expect. people also celebrated their team's win into the super bowl with their victory over the new england patriots. >> i wanted to stay up for that game, but i knew i had to be here this morning. i heard all about it. >> the official two inaugural balls are tonight here in d.c. but last night's events were not the only ones. >> there was a celebration for the official swearing in yesterday. the obamas and the bide ens attended at the national building museum. it came hours after president obama and vice president biden took their official oaths of office. the constitution says a president's new term must start january 20th. the president wanted to save his good lines for today's address in front of the capitol but he made one comment about the first lady. >> i love michelle obama. and to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. >> he's a smart man. the president went on to thank his supporters and said the celebration is not one for him but for the country and its future. president obama made headlines when he started us
supporter of special olympics. all the ravens are, but of course the ravens are going to the super bowl. so that's the reason none of the ravens are here this year. that's great news, so this is kind of prelude. all the super plungers supporting the ravens. aw, yeah! we're going to win a super bowl. super plungers are plunging. what can be any better? then this afternoon, the maryland state police 17th annual polar bear plunge. this is the 10th year for the super plunge. all these 40-50 people here plunging for special olympics. extraordinary people. reporting live, rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you robby. of course they are all doing this to raise money. and we have volunteers standing by to take your call and donation. there's the number. 410-261-2300. make a donation. we just talked to a woman who donated $1,000. make a donation. help the special olympics of maryland. we'll be right back in a moment to tell you how cold it is for those plungers at sandy point. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available
of baltimore is planning to send the ravens off to the super bowl with a big celebration. on monday the inner harbor ampitheater is the big place. the ravens of course are facing the san francisco 49ers on february 3rd, you can watch it right here on channel 9 on wusa9 and you can also watch our team of reporters live in new orleans including the woman in purple right next to me starting on monday. >> i will be there along with get a load of this. me, j.c. hayward, kristin fisher, and of course kristen berset for sports. so it's like -- >> super babes. >> we're going out there and we're going to tell you what's going on. so the sights, the sounds and the tastes. >> yes. >> of new orleans. and football. so looking forward to that. >>> orangutans at the national zoo? yeah. there's an app for that. the nonprofit group orangutan outreach is behind the new zoo program apps for apes. it provides them with ipads which are full of playful apps. so far, the apes have been watching videos and playing music with the devices just like the kids. zoo keepers hope though the orangutans will eventually skype
resumes today. over the years woods has led the course. >>> baltimore ravens linebacker brendan ayanbadeo says he will be talking about same-sex marriage. he'll go on the ellen show to talk about marriage ee quality. >>> for another look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins to talk about the weather. >> we have the snow and freezing rain this morning, but then as we go through tuesday into wednesday, talking severe weather outbreak. it's going to feel like spring. areas that were so frigid and cold are going to go to 60 to 70 degrees. then another blast of cold air behind it. that's where we're going to see a severe weather outbreak. we're concerned in the dallas area, shreveport, up to little rock, central louisiana into memphis and northern mississippi. those areas have the best chance of seeing the strongest storms with damaging wind and possibly a few tornadoes. these areas all have a chance of severe thunderstorm. alabama, all of georgia, all of the carolinas through virginia. that's where this nasty weather is going to be. we haven't had a tornado fatality in this co
there will be a big ravens sendoff rally. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good
. now while the ravens and 49ers plan to battle it out, the rest of the nfl those players are mending their bodies. d'angelo hall is resting after having surgery on his pinkie. there will be a lot of negotiating. d hall has two years left but is expected to make $7.5 million next year. he says he's willing to restructure his contract if it means staying in washington. that's it for sports. we'll be back
. >> i wonder if there is a play on suggs who is a player for the ravens. >> we'll go with suggie. >> why are the super bowls on sunday and late in the day? you know what? i agree. why not have them on saturday so everyone can enjoy not having to work the next day. >> right. they'll call out sick anyway. >> we'll make a note of t. >> an only old question asked at every playoff game and super bowl party i've been to. >> excellent question and excellent reasons why it is played on sunday. i agree because we all -- we love -- i love football and so does tucker. i don't know about you, sarah. >> i like to watch. >> you like it. there have been times where i have scheduled a day off because i knew i'm going to be up late and i can't come in. but it would be better for us if it was played like in the afternoon. >> i went to bed at 11:00 sunday night and had to get up at 3:00 to come to work. that doesn't work. >> not just for us but for a lot of people. >> the nfl has been around fay long time, the early 20th century. when the nfl started -- ill asay this. not the nfl. but when professional foo
're rooting for you. >>> before heading to new orleans to prepare for super bowl xlvii, the ravens will travel to the big easy tomorrow. that's where they're going to practice before sunday's big game against san francisco. the purple and black are looking for their second super bowl title while the 49ers are aiming for their sixth title. >>> five ravens will miss today's pro bowl because of super sunday. the redskins are well-represented. fletcher, carrigan, trent williams will sit out after receiving seven stitches during a bar brawl in honolulu friday night. police are investigating the incident but they say williams is not at fault. you can watch the pro bowl here on nbc4. coverage starts at 7:00 tonight. >>> teddy might never finish last again hanks to the newest racing president. the nationals introduced as you saw, william howard taft. we're going to call him bill for short at yesterday's nats fest at the washington convention center. our 27th president has lots of connections to baseball. he was the first president to throw out the first pitch and reportedly legend has it, he started t
and screech rooting for ravens? >> i think this is still a local team and we have to -- a lot of ravens fans around here. >> all right good thought to you. have a good season and we fans are looking forward to it. >> i can't wait to go to spring training. >> thanks. thank you. >>> time now to answer the question of the morning. here's the question one more time once again -- and andrea's answer is the right answer. yes -- >> yep, british driving school found women avoid parallel parking twice as much as men. i like the right side of the street. just not good on the left. >> we'll be right back. >>> welcome back. 6:52. your weather first. look at the screen right now. just take a second beautiful colors here. you know what they say red in the morning, means a warning and we've got -- sailors take warning. we've got some snow on the way this afternoon. it could be a lot to mess up the drive home. highs today 25 to 30. an crow scray? >>> a prank caller made his way on to the national teleconference held by jack and jackie harbaugh. parents of opposing super bowl coaching brothers. >> we're goin
on a pair of thesesuperbowl tickets for the big game vs the baltimore ravens next weekendthese season ticket holders who took part in a lottery drawing for the chance to score a pair of ticketstell kron4.it doesn't matter where they are sitting. as long as they are at the game. >> i have been a season ticket holder for 37 years. i am going to be excited. just to be there is exciting enough and my team is going to win. if".with these two tickets" >> pam: depending on the seating chart.lottery winners had a choice of paying $850.00 or $950.00.per ticket. to see the 49ers go for super bowl victory number 6 >> its kaepernick fever in the small town of turlock. when it comes to the 49ers star quarterback. no place may be prouder than the small town he grew up in. stephanie cruz tell us what some turlock businesses are doing to honor their super bowl bound star. >> it is nice to have won some local derecognized. >> what does 49ers football half to do with cookies or cupcakes? everything! old- time pastries has been around three decades but these are not able to stay on the racks. >> we've put no.
got the series face. >> ravens and niners. here's a question i have for you, mr. serious face. flacco, the traditional quarterback, and then you got the wildcard running that pistol, kapernick. is the pistol a gimmick or here to stay? >> i'm going to be perfectly clear. the system i like, depends on the quarterback i have. if i have a quarterback capable of moving around -- go back to serious -- if i have a quarterback capable of moving around, good speed and can operate the pistol. i run the pistol. >> is the pistol here to stay? >> you taper your scheme to the talent that you have. pistol is here to stay. >> it is here to stay? >> it is. >> you're going to see the pistol all over the league? >> no, that's not what i'm telling you. i'm saying it is something that will be in the nfl for years to come. because the nfl is a copy cat league. >> it is. >> this isn't new. >> go to this and then back to the prototypical -- >> bill walsh on the west coast office, which is basically throwing the ball to the runningback. now everybody jumped on board because it's the copy cat league. >> not su
in the super bowl. they dominated the '90s along with you guys. so what do you expect 9ers-ravens? >> i'm expecting the ravens to be competitive but going with the 9ers because of you. but i'm rooting for the ravens. i'm torn. i want the 9ers to win because of the nfc, but i'm cheering for the ravens because i got business partners in baltimore and i want to see them win. >> brian: but you have the harbaughs head to head. >> it makes for a great weekend down in new orleans. jim harbaugh and obviously his brother, john, they've done a great job of representing their organization in the way they have. >> brian: emmitt, the big story this week is the nfl being sued by junior seau and his family because of head injuries. they feel like you guys did not know the risks of playing this game. i guess that's what the lawsuit says. you played through concussions. you would not even tell the coaches if you were out, right? >> that's not a true statement about emmitt smith. i never played through concussions. but it's kind of hard to play through a concussion, to be honest with you. for me it was.
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